Tips for PowerPoint Slides that Don’t Suck

We all need to use PowerPoint slides in our presentations from time to time, but what we don’t need and what your audience really doesn’t need is another set of PowerPoint slides that totally suck.

In this video you’ll learn to avoid common PowerPoint slide mistakes and what to do to ensure your slides actually help your presentation, especially if you’re nervous, instead of hurt your presentation. read more…

Presentation Skills: Why You Need to be Prepared for the Q&A

The Q&A section of a presentation is usually not something people look forward to. The main reason is that you might be worried you will get a question that you can’t answer. I have made a video about what to do if you don’t know the answer, but some people have slightly misinterpreted that and believe they can answer questions later on. In some cases, this is possible, but if you’re giving a class presentation or something for a class assignment… YOU CAN’T DO THAT! read more…

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