In the second part of ’11 Tricks’ I will talk about the final 6 tricks that will help you create an outstanding presentation.

So here they are…

6. Video yourself while practicing your presentation. Then look for things you’re doing or saying that appear nervous, like repeating certain words, or speaking too fast, or moving around uncomfortably.

7. Be really prepared. Make sure everything is organized. Use a checklist to help you.

8. TEST; check the equipment at the place you will be presenting at to reduce hidden surprises that could make you nervous. Make sure you know how to operate the computer, projector etc. Arrive early to do this or go there before your presentation day.

9. Don’t try to memorize your presentation word-for-word. Instead, memorize the key points, topics, facts etc so you minimize forgetting what you’re supposed to say.

10. Tell a story about yourself or tell the audience you’re nervous and why. It’s a bit like instant therapy that’ll help you relax if you see the audience members are just people like anybody else.

11. Meet some or all of the audience before you start by introducing yourself and talking to them a bit. A sense of familiarity with your audience will help you settle down.

Video Length: 5 minutes 24 seconds


1. Create a short presentation (3-4 minutes).

2. Practice your presentation over a week.

3. Present to friends and family (video the presentation).

4. Get feedback from your friends and family.

Once you have completed the ACTIONS please leave your comments and feedback about ’11 Tricks’. Let us know how your presentations are going.

Thank you


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