In this post I wanted to talk about ‘3 Common mistakes that presenters make’. Let’s look at these common mistakes one by one.

Too Many Slides

A lot of presenters make this mistake, they make too many slides. This can confuse the audience because there is too much information to take in. The people in the audience are trying to look at all the slides which takes the attention away from YOU the presenter. This leads to a very confusing presentation and makes your presentation worthless. This may make you ask the question:

“How many slides should I use in a presentation?”

When I present I use the rule of one slide every 90 seconds, sometimes my slides can be used for 3 minutes but I very rarely use more than one slide every 90 seconds. This is not a solid rule but I find it works for me. I would suggest trying it to see if it works for you.

Too Many Words

The second mistake that I wanted to talk about is ‘Too many words’. I am talking about the amount of text on a slide. If you are a regular visitor to Presentation Expressions you’ll know that Carl and I are not big fans of a lot of text on slides. We sometimes have as little as one word on a slide or even no text and just a picture. Minimize text on your slides, don’t use more than you really need and there is a good reason for this.

  1. The more text on a slide the smaller the font becomes.
  2. The smaller the font becomes the more difficult it is for your audience to see.
  3. The audience will try hard to see the text on your slide and are therefore paying no attention to you the presenter.


It doesn’t matter whether you use Powerpoint for PC or Keynote for Mac both have wonderful animations available for you to use in your presentations. Don’t fall into the trap of using a lot of animation during your presentation. I admit that I have fallen into this trap just like other presenters. To avoid this you need to check yourself. When you have completed your presentation go through it slide by slide and look at the animation you have used.

  1. Is it all over the place? If it is remove it.
  2. Is it really that necessary? Possibly not.

It’s also important that if you do use animation that it is suitable for the audience. If you are presenting to your CEO you don’t want to use bouncing text on your slide. In some situations you will probably find that no animation is your better option.

The important word that you need to remember about these common mistakes is ‘Minimum’.

  1. Minimum slides
  2. Minimum text
  3. Minimum animation

Keep your presentations simple.

Don’t make the mistakes that other presenters make. 🙂

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