How many times have you seen what was quite a good presentation only to be left disappointed at the end because you were not told what to do next? So how can you end a presentation effectively?

In this week’s video tip I talk about 3 effective ways to end your presentation that will make your audience remember your presentation after leaving the room. The 3 effective ways I talk about in the video are:

1.Call To Action
To get the results we want we all have to________this month.

2.Call To Question
Will you continue with your normal routine when you leave here today or will you move forward?

The choice is ours, we can have_____ or we can have________. I know which one I’m choosing.

If YouTube is unavailable in your part of the world, then please right-click to download the video or left-click to watch in your browser: 3 Effective Ways To End Your Presentation

Here is this week’s video – Enjoy:)
UPDATE: YouTube did something to the audio. Some parts have a bit of static not found in the original video. Sorry. We’ll try to fix it, if possible. Thanks.

And if you didn’t watch Carl’s video last week about ending a presentation watch it here: How to End a Presentation in a Memorable Way

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