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I got this question about group presentations and wanted to share it to help you, too.

Here is the message from Sandra:

“Respected Sir, I am a frist-yesr student and on this saturday, I have a presentation with six members in my group and we will talk to brain drain in Vietnam. Hence, I do not know that how to organize so that all people in group can say in presentation but it is not boring audience. Each part in presentation has 2 members state together or each part has only member state. How do you think which is better way? Besides, do you know reliable documents about my topic because after presenting, we will write a assignment about it. Moreover, could you help me so that I can create pleasantness in this topic?

I really need your help to details about this my topic.

Thank you very much.”

And my answer…

“Hi Sandra,

Thanks for your message. Very busy here lately so couldn’t answer until now.

I think it’s better if each person speaks individually. However, don’t have everyone standing together. When one person is speaking, the other 5 should be off to the side and behind the speaker, if possible.

As for information about your topic, you could examine brain drain in other countries. Then you could compare to Vietnam and maybe offer ideas or solutions to reducing the problem in Vietnam. I think that will also help with making the topic more pleasant. People like to hear solutions to problems.

Good luck and let me know how it goes.

Btw, I’m thinking about visiting Vietnam this year but not sure, yet :)”