This was originally posted December 17th

Liam is unable to do the video this week so he has asked me to stand in for him.

In the second video of this series I am going to talk about the importance of STANCE.

I know that some of you play golf so you will understand that stance is very important already. Your stance in a presentation is also extremely important as it will convey certain messages to the audience.

When I stand in front of an audience my stance speaks before I open my mouth. My stance can tell the audience if I am ~ happy, scared, confident or uncomfortable. Of course I NEVER want to look scared or uncomfortable.

I suggest that you stand with your weight even but slightly forward on the balls of your feet. This will say that you are engaged with the audience.

So there we are – the importance of STANCE in a presentation.

Video length 4:24


1.You and a friend or colleague do a presentation on video.

2. Watch the video.

3. Check that each of you used correct gestures and stances.

4. Repeat the exercise.

Watch the first video again to make sure you use all the tips this time.

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