Get all your ducks in a row

Get all your ducks in a row

In the third video of this series I will be talking about the importance of facial expressions and eye contact in your English presentation. Because this is the final video after watching the video you will need to use correct gestures, correct stance and correct facial expressions in your practice presentation.


In this final post of the body language series I am going to talk about facial expression.


The movement of your eyes, mouth and facial muscles can build that all important connection with your audience BUT it can also undermine your every word so use them wisely.

Watch the video to get the rest of this tip.

Video Length: 4.32

After watching the video please do the following:


1. You and a friend or colleague do a presentation on video.

2. Watch the videos.

3. Check that each of you used the correct gestures, stances (from the last 2 weeks) and facial expressions.

4. Repeat the exercise to a bigger audience.

How did you get on after using these tips? Let us know if they were helpful by leaving a comment or feedback.

Thank you


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