Do your research

Do your research

This post is a must for everyone who does English presentations.

People often make mistakes when presenting in a foreign country, by watching this series you won’t be one of the statistics who make this mistake.


Knowing your audience and the cultural do’s and don’ts will show your respect for your audience.


During these posts I will cover CC TIPS and show a guide to 4 countries you may do business with.

Here is the first video of 6.

Video length: 5.40


1. Create a short presentation of 3 to 4 minutes.

2. Use 4 cross culture tips that are covered in this video.

3. Practice your presentation over a week.

4. Do your presentation in front of family, friends or colleagues (video the presentation).

5. Get feedback from your audience.

Let us know how your presentation went by leaving some comments and feedback.

Thank you

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