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In this video, you’re going to see the second half of the interview with Carl Pullein. Carl discusses presentation tips and communication skills based on what he saw during the Pyeong Chang Olympic presentations by South Korean representatives President Lee Myung Bak and Olympic figure skating champion Yuna Kim.

Originally, this interview with Carl was only going to be 15 minutes in total. But once we got going, the information that was being shared was so valuable that we had to continue. The result is we have this second part of the interview to share with you and help you learn and improve your English presentation skills.

Let us know what you think.

Present in EnglishCarl Pullein is a professional presentation and English communications coach. He has worked in Korea for nearly ten years teaching Korean business people how to communicate effectively in English. Carl is also the author of a book on presenting in English, which is due to be published this year by Dasan Books, as well as the blog Present in English ( He also has a website for his English consulting services at


Here is the link to Part 1 in case you missed it: Carl Pullein – Pyeong Chang Olympic Presentations
And this is Carl’s first guest post on our site: Carl Pullein – Give The Audience What They Want