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My friends at Walkerstone sent me a link to a very useful infographic about writing errors and how they can ruin your presentation. Check out what they had to say and then be sure to head on over to their site and check out the infographic.

Here’s what they had to say about writing errors:

When you are delivering a presentation, your concentration on the topic is extremely important. When you have an attentive audience, you get the confidence that you are on the right path, but even a slight unrest in the audience can make most presenters lose their concentration and they may end up missing a few points. All it takes is a snigger or a sarcastic rolling of eyes from a few attendees, for your confidence to take a beating.

Some common typos or grammatical errors on your presentation slide can upset an intelligent and intellectual audience. Text messaging has made us prone to using words like thx instead of thanks, rgds instead of regards, and more. Such simplified substitutions suit only in a casual setting but when used in formal writing, it comes across as ignorance on the part of the writer.

Apart from the spelling mistakes, it can also change the meaning of the entire sentence. Some examples of common mistakes include but are not limited to affect and effect or bear and bare or your and you’re, etc.Although these words sound similar, they have entirely different meanings. It is important to proofread the contents of your presentation slides multiple times to filter out any errors. Some of the common writing errors that writers and presenters make have been listed in this infographic from Walkerstone. It will help you avoid these commonly made mistakes. It will hopefully help you in your future presentations, or any other form of writing.

And here’s a link to the infographic.