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Recently, Ive been working with the Bank of Korea to train their employees in presentation skills. The nature of their work requires them to discuss statistics, data and equations. However, statistics and data are often presented in the most dull and boring way. Today, I’m going to show you how to change that.

Typically, statistics and data are presented in a chart or graph of some sort. Usually, the presenter copies and pastes the information or graph directly into his or her presentation. This is a HUGE mistake and totally unnecessary. This might be due to a lack of time, but it’s most likely because the presenter has never been shown a different way.

Statistics have probably been shown in presentations with charts and graphs forever! With PowerPoint, presenters started boring their audience with really hard to follow charts and graphs. There’s something you must always remember when giving a presentation with statistics or data…

You know the material because you’ve spent the most time with it… But your audience will only have a few moments to “get” it.

That’s why it’s important to show your stats in the most simple and easy-to-remember way possible. Your audience` shouldn’t have to try and figure out what you’re trying to show in your graphs or charts.

So, check out the video to see how to overcome this potentially sleep-inducing, presentation-killing problem.