Hello this is Liam from Presentation Expressions and in this post I wanted to talk to you about how to choose the right font for your presentation.

In PowerPoint for PC and Keynote for Mac there are so many fonts to choose from some are pretty, some are powerful looking and some are cool to look at but are they the correct font for your presentation? That’s the big question that you need to ask. In this video that’s what I’m going to show you, I’m going to show you the correct fonts that you should use for your presentations.

As I said at the beginning of this post there are so many fonts to choose from in both PowerPoint and Keynote presentation software. Many presenters make the common mistake of either using the wrong kind of fonts or too many fonts for their presentations.

Because there are so many fonts to choose from it can be a bit overwhelming. There are pretty fonts like Algerian, Georgian and Vivaldi, cool fonts like Arista 2.0 Light, Brush Script MT and powerful fonts like Impact, Magneto and Rockwell Extra Bold.

There are two kinds of fonts to consider Serif and Sans Serif.

What is the difference?

The easiest way to describe the two fonts is like this:

Serif fonts have little feet on the bottom of the letters which helps your eye move from one character (or letter) to the next. Serif fonts are good for long blocks of text. A good example of a Serif font is Times Roman.

Sans Serif fonts have no feet which makes each character (or letter) independent from its neighbor. These fonts are better for reading shorter pieces of information such as titles and labels. An example of a Sans Serif font is Arial.

Which kind of font should be used for presentations?

If you are a regular visitor to Presentation Expressions then you will know that we always suggest using minimal text for your presentations. If you follow our suggestion of minimal text on your slides then a Sans Serif font would be a better choice and that is what I’m going to suggest to you. Some good fonts to use are Arial, Gill Sans MT and Verdana.

The important thing to remember is that your audience should be able to read whatever font you choose from the back of any room that you present in.

Here are some extra tips for you to help you more.

  1. Use a maximum of 3 fonts in your presentations.
    • Using more will be uncomfortable visually.
  2. Less text is better.
    • Don’t fall into the trap of putting endless text onto your slides otherwise your audience will try to read it and not pay any attention to you.

Let’s summarize then.

  1. Use minimal text.
  2. Use a Sans Serif font.
  3. Suggested fonts are Arial, Gill Sans MT and Verdana.

To see the fonts that I have mentioned in this post watch the video so you can really see what I mean.

Make sure that you are also using the correct font size by looking at one of our earlier posts.

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