What do you want to achieve?

What do you want to achieve?

This was originally posted on 25th November 2009

I will show you this tip in three parts. The first part being shown today.


If your presentation is clear in itʼs message:
It will be easier to remember
When you present it you will be less nervous
Your audience will understand better


Know the purpose of your presentation
What do you want to achieve?
Write it down so itʼs clear in your mind

Your audience profile
Where are they from?
Are decision makers in the audience?
What is their level of expertise?
Do they have expectations?


1.Write down what you want to achieve within a 4 minute presentation
2.Decide where your audience are from and their expertise level
3.Once you have decided 1 & 2 make your presentation
4.Do your presentation in front of an audience.
5.Get feedback from a friend — Was your message clear?….

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