This resource was originally posted on August 27th 2009.

We often need to find an original and eye catching title slide for our presentations.

This can be time consuming and frustrating so here is a list of the best sites we found that offer FREE templates for you.


A fantastic site with a supply of FREE powerpoint template. Scroll down on the homepage and you will find a list of links to categorized templates.

On the homepage select your category


Choose your template

Right click and save image to your computer


This site has a seemingly endless supply of templates. There are also other areas here that could be of use such as PHOTOS.

On the homepage select POWERPOINT from the tabs

Either select a template from LATEST POWERPOINT SLIDES UPDATE:

Or scroll down the page to the links area

Select your template

Right click and save the image to your computer

Note: Although the templates are free you need to become a member of this site


Remember you don’t want to clutter your presentations with unnecessary images so I suggest that you only use PowerPoint templates as a last resort. The other option is to use templates only as your title slide.


1. Download 3 templates from each site.

2. Make a short presentation using the templates you have downloaded.

I hope this resource was helpful for you – please leave your comments and feedback.

Thank you


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