As both Carl and I often say “A good story can help your audience pay attention in a presentation.” In this week’s video I tell you about a ‘9 Step Method’ that I recently read about.

The nine steps that I mention in the video are:

  1. Scene
  2. Characters
  3. Journey
  4. Obstacle
  5. Overcome
  6. Resolve the story
  7. Point
  8. Question
  9. Repeat the Point

I explain each step in the video and also give you an example story to give you an idea of how to use the steps.

I very quickly tell you the name of this method in the video: It is called ‘Story Theater Method’ and was made by someone called Doug Stevenson. I would suggest you check out his site

Try using this method for your next presentation. Remember telling a story will always get the attention of the audience.

Enjoy the video 🙂

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