Whenever we present to an audience we want them to remember our presentation or at least our main message.

Many presenters make this difficult for the audience to do because they try to put too much information in their presentations. To make your presentation successful your audience need to remember.

How do you make your audience remember?

Your audience won’t remember a lot of details about a presentation so we need to make sure they remember the main message.
When you are planning your presentation decide what the main message is that you want your audience to remember.
A good way of doing this is to mention your key message at the beginning, middle and end of your presentation. Repeating your keyword or phrase during your presentation will help people remember. When repeating your message make sure that it fits into your presentation subtly.
Steve jobs often used this technique of repetition to make people remember phrases about Apple products. A good example is when he introduced the first iPod.
The famous phrase is “1000 songs in your pocket”. In the YouTube video he mentions “1000 songs” several times at:
  1. 6.15
  2. 7.03
  3. 7.54
  4. 8.33
  5. 8.55
  6. 9.31
He mentions the phrase a total of six times during this part of his presentation which is 9.55. The entire presentation was almost 50 minutes in length but even in this first video you can see (hear) how well he puts the phrase very subtly into his presentation.
By repeating a key phrase throughout your presentation will make the audience remember your main message.
Here is the link for the video:
Enjoy the video and remember that subtle repetition of your message will help your audience remember your presentation message.
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Have a great day

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