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In many professional contexts, you will want to convince listeners to your point of view. You might be pitching a team on a future direction. You might be selling a valuable product or service.

While the specifics of your situation may vary, persuasive presentations are generally different than other types of presentations where you are simply informing listeners about a topic or teaching them how to do something. By the end of your persuasive presentation, you want to change listeners’ minds and do so without being manipulative.

That takes some thoughtful planning.

In particular, I recommend using a problem, solution, benefit order for the main points of your presentation. When ordered this way, your presentation will have an emotional, psychological, and persuasive arc that leads listeners along. When done well, it can be very compelling.

Each main point has it’s own details. The video puts these problem, solution, benefits main points into context with the rest of the presentation.