Many people when practicing for their presentation often do so in an empty room, they practice their presentation until they feel that it is pretty good. The problem with this method is that they don’t really see what their audience will see.

That brings me to today’s tip in this post, when you next practice your presentation use a video camera. Video your presentation. I am always surprised with the excuse people come up with when I suggest this:

“Liam I don’t have a video camera.”

Come on it is 2012 there are so many ways that we can video ourselves.

  • We can use the traditional camcorder.
  • We can use a webcam
  • We can use smartphones
  • We can use cell phones
  • We can use digital cameras
  • We can use tablet computers

There are so many ways we can video ourselves now so there really is no excuse. If you don’t have anything like this then borrow from a friend.

Now you have your video camera of choice I want you to remember three ‘R’s.

  1. Record
  2. Review
  3. Revise

Let’s look at them one at a time.


This of course is you making a video of you practicing your presentation, make sure that you also record the sound as this is very important.


Have something that you can write on because when you watch the video of your practice you will need to take notes of things that you want to change.

What are you looking out for?

You are looking at your body language, do you have some attitude? Or perhaps you are turning your back to the audience. You want to be using open gestures. Here are some earlier body language videos we made to help you.

Basic Body Language Part 1

Basic Body Language Part 2

Basic Body Language Part 3

Also check your eye contact, now I know you are looking at a camera but pretend you have an audience in the room with you, make sure your eyes are moving.

The other thing to pay attention to is your speech.

  1. Are you talking too fast for the audience to understand you?
  2. Are you talking so slowly that your presentation is boring?
  3. Are you speaking clearly so people can understand you?
  4. Are you saying a lot of “ums” and “ahhs”?
  5. Are you sticking to your subject or talking off subject?


You’ve watched your video and made your notes. Now you need to make some changes and video your practice again.

How long should I practice for?

This is difficult to answer because I’m not there with you so the best answer I can give you is to keep repeating the above until you can honestly say to yourself:

“Wow, I look really great”

Then and only then can you truly say you are ready.


That’s what this post is all about really it’s about making you understand that practice is everything. Make sure you give yourself enough time to practice, people underestimate the importance of this part of their presentation preparation.

Practice and you can have a great presentation.

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