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How to prepare a presentation and save your presentation from disasterHave you ever had to give a BIG presentation? You know, one that made you all nervous and excited at the same time? Did you know how to prepare for that big presentation?

If you give presentations on a smaller scale, like for your small business, those can be considered BIG presentations because they could have a large impact on you and your business.

Pat Flynn, an Internet entrepreneur who blogs about and teaches how to succeed online at, gave the biggest presentation of his life as a speaker at Blog World Expo 2011.

We know Pat through the work he does on his site. We also know him to be a very cool guy who is always happy to help other people. So, we were thrilled when he agreed to do this interview and want to say a big thank you to Pat.

Thanks Pat!

In the interview, we find out who Pat Flynn is, how he ended up speaking at Blog World Expo, and the near disaster that he saved himself from.

Be sure to take note of Pat’s top 5 presentation tips, as they will come in handy for your next big presentation.

One thing that really stuck out for us was when Pat tells us how he now feels about public speaking and giving presentations. Contrary to what you may think, Pat now loves presenting and can’t wait to do it again. We think you’ll agree that after watching the interview you’ll like him and will be inspired, too.

The interview is 28 minutes long, so grab a snack and a drink and get comfy ๐Ÿ™‚

Click here to watch or download the video if you can’t access YouTube: Interview with Pat Flynn (87.7mb)

Click the image below to watch the video (28:10)

For more information about earning a passive income or if you just want to learn more about Pat, please visit the Smart Passive Income Blog:

Video of Pat’s presentation gaffe by Podcast Answer Man:

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