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In this video you will learn about how to start a presentation, but rather than what you should do, you will learn about three mistakes to avoid.

Mistake #1: Being a Title Teller

Most likely when you give your presentation, the title of your presentation will somehow be announced to your audience. If that is the case, there is no need for you to repeat it.

Many times, I hear people saying, “As you can see, my presentation topic is…” AHHHHHHH!

It’s a waste of time and just isn’t cool. So skip reading your title and just get it on!

It would only be necessary to tell people your presentation title if they for sure don’t know what it is.

Mistake #2: Giving a Laser Show

I hate laser pointers when they are used in a presentation. Period.

They are like a rock that ties the speaker down and doesn’t let him/her move around.

But worst of all, people tend to wave them around… creating a laser show!!!

Your presentation is NOT a laser show so put the thing away.

Mistake #3: Making Excuses

Finally, never make excuses for something that is missing, not working, too long, too short, too fast, too slow, your English ability, the cold you have… whatever it may be, DON’T make excuses.

Your audience will think you are unprepared, which can lead to some undesirable consequences, especially if your presentation is for a business proposal, a major school project or a job you’re trying to land.

Make sure you are well prepared so you can continue no matter what happens.

Hope you now have a good understanding of the mistakes to avoid when starting a presentation.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments.