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In this video, I’m going to talk about how to start a presentation with a story you can make up just before you give your presentation. I personally use this technique because sometimes you don’t have time or you have trouble finding a good story beforehand.
So what I like to do is survey the environment in which I’ll be giving the presentation. I can usually find something interesting to talk about by looking at the place, the people, or the present situation. The key is to keep your eyes and ears open so you don’t miss anything that can be used for your story.
The advantage of this is that the audience might feel closer to you since you’re talking about something they are familiar with. The disadvantage of this is that you might not find anything to talk about or you might stumble and not be able to tell the story as if you prepared ahead of time. Practice is the key and, as I said, keep your eyes and ears open.
So check out the video to learn more.
Thanks and good luck.