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Liam and I attended a seminar about a very interesting business-related topic about a certain industry. We don’t want to mention the seminar specifically because this is not meant to be a criticism of the presenter. What we do want to do is talk about what some of the problems were with the presentation, the delivery of the presentation, and then how the presentation could have been improved. The purpose is to teach you how to avoid some big presentation mistakes… and avoid being the subject of one of our discussions 🙂

We want to state again that we do not mean to criticize the presenter or the presentation topic. This is solely intended to teach others how to give a good presentation and what to watch for in case you’re about to give a bad presentation.

So, please check out the video below to see what we had to say. Actually, you can’t SEE anything! It’s just us talking via Skype, but recorded as a video.

Looking forward to your comments and feedback.