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You may sometimes want to use statistics to start a presentation. As you may know, the very first thing you say to kick off a presentation is called the opening or “attention grabber.”
The trouble with statistics is that they can often go by too quickly to genuinely grab your listeners’ attention and have the desired impact. When done well, statistics can be a solid way to begin.

It’s best to follow some tips to use them for maximum impact.

1. Use a startling or interesting statistic. As you are preparing your presentation, you will likely come across statistics and facts that stand out to you. You’ll say to yourself, “Hm, interesting.” That’s a good clue that an audience might find that fact interesting as well. Don’t ever exaggerate, however. You’ll lose credibility.

2. Mention the source for your statistic at the beginning of your attention grabber. For example, “In 2016, Nielson, the company that tracks TV viewing patterns, reported the average American watches 4.5 hours of TV per day.” When you cite your source at the beginning, it sounds more natural than tagging it on at the end.

See the video for the rest of the tips or click here.