Carl made a great video last week about how to use eye contact during a presentation called ‘How to use eye contact in a presentation’. When using this week’s tip be sure to use what Carl talked about as well.

So what is this week’s tip then?

You are going to learn how to use space effectively in your presentation and I’m not talking about space on your slides. When people think of presentations they usually think of a very large stage and a podium, they imagine a big famous speaker giving the presentation.

But for most of us the reality is that we usually give presentations in a conference room, a classroom or an even smaller room.

How can we use the space we have effectively?

Most people stand at the head of the room but this is like standing behind a podium, it separates you from your audience, you create a barrier and you create a high status low status situation.

I am going to look at conference rooms, classrooms and rooms that you can arrange and tell you how to use the space effectively.

I would recommend that you now watch the video so you can visually see what I mean. If YouTube is unavailable in your area, please right-click here to download or watch the video: How to use space effectively in a presentation (Length 3:59)

Now that you have seen the video you can now understand that you don’t need a stage to deliver a great presentation, you just need to use your space effectively.

Use these techniques in your next presentation and let us know how you get on.




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