How to use your voice effectively in your presentationDon’t underestimate the importance of your voice in your presentation.

Even if you have amazing slides if you don’t project your voice in the right way it can affect your presentation in a negative manner.

We need to consider six things when thinking about the use of our voice during a presentation.

Let’s look at them one at a time.

Keep the tone of your voice natural and conversational. Imagine that you are speaking to a room full of your friends.

Speak loudly enough for everyone to hear if you do not have a microphone. Check the acoustics when you rehearse your presentation.
Use a microphone for a large group or a large space, and practice beforehand to find a comfortable speaking volume when using the microphone especially if you have never used one before.
4. Avoid
Avoid rapid-fire or drawn-out speech. Practice by recording yourself or get feedback from a colleague.
5. Express
Be expressive. Don’t speak in a monotone. Raise and lower your voice to make your point.
6. Clear
Pronounce words clearly.

By using all of these you will be able to to use your voice effectively and have a great presentation.

Here are those six tips again for you.

Try to use them in your next presentation.
Enjoy the video. 🙂
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