In this video I want to talk about how to ‘Make friends before a presentation’

I am going to tell you how to do it and why it is so important.


Go to the room where you are going to be presenting before you present or greet people as they arrive and simply approach people. Here are some phrases that you can use:

“Hi my name is Liam Lusk. I’m going to be presenting today. My presentation is about social media.”

Replace my name with yours and also replace the presentation title with yours.

After you said the above continue by saying:

“And you are?”

They will then tell you their name – maybe their name is John Smith. You then reply by saying:

“Hi John, thanks for coming it’s great to have you here.”

Approach as many people as possible before your presentation and use the above method.


I also said I would tell you why this is important. It is important that you do this for three reasons.

  1. It will make you feel comfortable before your presentation.
  2. You will make the person that you spoke to feel important.
  3. It will feel like you are presenting to friends.

Watch the video by clicking on the image below.


Now you know how to ‘Make friends before a presentation’ and why it is so important. Try it before your next presentation.



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