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What to say when starting a business presentation“Stop wasting time and cut to the chase.”
“I haven’t got all day, you know.”
“Quit jerking around and get to it.”
“I don’t have time for this.”
“Time is money.”

If you’ve ever been in a business situation of any kind or if you’ve ever seen a movie about business, then you’ve probably heard some version of those expressions. And with what I’m going to teach you, I hope you won’t hear anyone say any of those things to you, and you’ll be on your way to becoming a valuable member of your team.

What’s important is…
At the beginning of a business presentation, it’s important to state how long you will be speaking, what you’ll be talking about, and what your audience can expect by the end of your presentation.

Check out the video below or read all about what to do under the video.

If YouTube is unavailable in your area, please click the following link to download or watch the video: Presentation Expression: How to start a business presentation (Length 2:38)

What to say to start a business presentation

“Why is this important?” you ask…
Well, I’m glad you asked because when you state how long you will be speaking and what your audience can expect, it shows them that you know your stuff and that you’re fully prepared. Your entire presentation, you, and your company will be judged by what you say, so be careful.

Ok, so here’s what you say…It’s really simple:
“I’m going to be spending the next fifteen minutes explaining how our system can help you reduce overtime and lower your turnover rate. By the end of my presentation, you’ll learn what the biggest mistake you’re making is and how to fix that…today.”

There you go
Simple but effective and it’ll be appreciated by your business partners or clients because they’re gonna know you’re not going to waste their time.

But a warning:
Make sure you end at the exact time you say you’ll end or you’ll lose credibility.
So, remember to begin every business presentation by telling your audience how long you’ll be speaking, what you’ll be speaking about, and what they’ll be getting by the end of your presentation.

Question time…
What do you think is the hardest thing for people to do at the beginning of a presentation?

Let me know by writing your answer below this video.

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Thanks and see you again soon.