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Learn presentation skills from a 37 year old fish movieIn this week’s presentation lesson, I’m going to show you how a 37 year old fish movie can teach us some valuable presentation lessons. “Huh? What?” I can hear you saying. Don’t worry, I haven’t gone totally crazy… yet.

You see, I thought it would be great to show you how you can improve your presentation skills by learning techniques that will help you get the audience’s attention. And one of the best things to learn from is a great, exciting movie.

I think you’ll be able to see how you can use this technique throughout your presentation. So this will help your presentation introduction, main presentation content, and just about everywhere else. But what movie am I talking about? You’ll have to wait and find out!

Some clues

What famous movie has all the classic elements of a great movie? Something with suspense, mystery, hidden danger, and life and death situations? No, not the latest Men in Black movie 🙂

The answer is…

Before I tell you the answer, I want to share with you an important part of human psychology. As humans, we like it when something arouses our curiosity. Our brains, in particular, love when we know a little about something and have to find out more.

The human brain loves to fill in gaps of information. Not knowing something and trying to figure out the answer is what creates curiosity. And when we can create curiosity, we have the people’s attention! I think you’d agree that getting and keeping your audience’s attention would be a great thing to do.

Now here’s the answer…Really

The movie I’m talking about is Jaws, the 1975 Steven Spielberg movie about a Great White Shark that terrorizes a local beach. I remember seeing that movie when I was a little kid and being really scared of water after!

Anyway, even though it’s an old movie, there are some great lessons we can learn from Jaws about giving a great presentation. So check out the video below to get the whole story… or movie, in this case 🙂

If YouTube is unavailable in your area, click the following link to download or view the video: Presentation Lessons From A 37 Year Old Fish Movie (Length 7:33)

How to get the audience's attention in a presentation

The 5 Step Process

  1. Set up what’ll happen
  2. Ask a Question: Why? How?
  3. The Struggle… Problem(s) & Consequences
  4. The Solution
  5. The End… Reached Goal & Call-To-Action

Try it

Give this method a try and I think you’ll have an easier time getting and keeping your audience’s attention during your presentation.

And if you haven’t seen Jaws, watch it! 🙂

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comments box below.

Thank you.