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I often get questions and I’m happy to answer them. However, what bothers me is when people just don’t take the time to search for the answers or ask me to basically help them with creating the content for the presentation. Please…

#1 Do some work and search the site. Especially when it comes to how to start a presentation, there are several videos here and on my YouTube Channel to help you develop the content for the beginning of your presentation. There are also videos on my YouTube Channel about every other part of your presentation… if you just took the time to look.

#2 If you need help, show what you’ve done already so I can give you some feedback. I will not help you choose your content…unless you have something prepared already and want some ideas or feedback. Of if you are happy paying my consulting fees of US$200/hour, then I’d be happy to choose and help you prepare your presentation content.

#3 ASK for help, do not just request it by telling me to answer you. Being polite, even online, makes a big difference and demonstrates what kind of person you are.

That being said… or rather, that’s the end of my rant… here are answers to some of the questions I’ve received lately:

1. jane: hi good day!! just want to ask help I am going to present the topic about WORK/LIFE BALANCE, what should be my introduction?,Objective?

thanks I hope you can help me on this.


Jane, I honestly don’t know. That depends on your audience, purpose, etc. I have several videos about starting a presentation. Please search the site or visit my YouTube Channel and watch those videos.

2. farah: Hi carl,

I have a question regarding how to do practice at home to give presentation in front of audience or in a classroom as a lecturer?also what could we do to make our board work better..?


The best way to practice at home is with a video camera. Record yourself and watch the video to see how you can improve. However, there is no substitute for experience. You can practice in less threatening situations at first to gain confidence and to get feedback. Not sure what you mean by board work. Sorry.

3. ERAJ: hi, carl. i m feeling difficulty in giving my topic is how to write a report.this topic have not so much matter.?what should i do so that i can make it a 8 minute speech?


Give examples of how to write a report. There is LOTS of information online if you take the time to search for it. 8 minutes wouldn’t be long enough, in my opinion. Good luck.

4. masterstudent: Dear Sir,

I am master student and i have to defense my thesis but i do not know how to start the presentation how to welcome the committee and my supervisors and how to start the title and all other slides please need your help, and please send me the answer by email, my email is:

Thank you very much

Best regards


See my reply to Jane above.