CB013145Here is the 4th video in this 6 part Cross culture series. If you do English Powerpoint presentations in other countries you will find this series very useful.

Please remember the following when watching the Cross culture series.


This series of posts is a guide only and not definitive

Always do some research on the country and company you are presenting to then you can be sure you will do a good job.

In this video we visit the 2010 World Cup host nation South Africa.

I know this video is a little longer than normal but the information is very valuable so worth watching.

Video length: 9.58

  1. The Rainbow Nation
  2. Meeting
  3. Gift Giving
  4. Dining Etiquette
  5. Relationships
  6. Business Etiquette & Negotiations
  7. Attire


1. Create a short presentation of 3 to 4 minutes.

2. Use the 8 cross culture tips that are covered in the first two videos of this series.

3. Practice your presentation over a week.

4. Do your presentation in front of family, friends or colleagues (video the presentation).

5. Get feedback from your audience.

After doing the ACTION leave us some comments and feedback.

Thank you


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