Here is a great presentation I found on from Kirk Citron who began his career as a fast-rising advertising executive, but now writes and provides media consultation for select non-profits.

Some things to pay attention to when you are watching the video –

  1. The use of visuals
  2. Eye contact with the audience
  3. Hand gestures
  4. Use of news quotes

Enjoy the video.

After watching the presentation do the following:

  1. Create a 3 minute presentation (on any subject)
  2. Do your presentation in front of an audience (the bigger the better)
  3. Use all four points from above – visuals, eye contact, hand gestures & news quotes
  4. Video your presentation
  5. Get feedback from your audience

I hope you enjoyed the presentation and be sure to visit for some more great presentation examples.

Please leave any comments and feedback you may have about this post.

Thank you


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