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Todays PresentationExpressions post is to honour and pay respects to Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. We are deeply saddened by his death and wish all the best for his family. Apple, its products, and its leader and champion, Steve Jobs have often inspired us.

Mr. Jobs is truly an inspiration.

His legacy may be the company he leaves behind, but for us it is his vision, passion, and commitment to never follow the status quo.

Doing what one passionately believes in, no matter what anybody else tells you, is the strongest impression left by Mr. Jobs.

Of course, in terms of presentations, Steve Jobs was the master. A major inspiration for us has always been Mr. Jobs’ presentation style. He was the ultimate communicator. He was the ultimate creator of the emotional experience for the audience. His presentation technique has always driven me to help others, not to be like him exactly, but to be one’s own version of Mr. Jobs.

This means fully understanding, being committed to, and being passionate about the product, service, information, or message that you want to deliver. Using language that is easily understood by young and old, technologically knowledgable or not. Taking your message and sing visual presentation techniques to further enhance your communication and then practicing, practicing, and practicing so it sounds natural and smooth.

That’s what I hope you will all remember when preparing your presentations and when you are delivering them, too.

Steven Paul Jobs, thank you.