Too much text will confuse your audience

Too much text will confuse your audience

This tip was originally posted August 20th 2009.

Using the incorrect font size is probably one of the biggest mistakes presenters can make. Remember to limit the amount of text used on your slides and always be sure that the text you do use can be seen clearly.

If your audience is struggling to read the text on your slides during your presentation they are not paying attention to you.

Readable text size

Titles should be 36 – 96 – 60pt

Text at least 24pt

Picture 1

How much should you write?

We now have the correct font sizes but how much should we write on our slides?


Picture 2


Picture 3

Shorter sentences

Picture 4


Picture 6


Help the audience focus on your message

Picture 7


1. You and a friend or colleague each make a short presentation (2 or 3 minutes).

2. Use minimum words on your slides – but make sure you use keywords.

3. Present to each other.

4. How did each of you do? Give feedback about the amount of text you each used – could either of you used more suitable text?

After completing the ACTIONS please leave some comments and feedback.

Thank you


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