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When we started Presentation Expressions, we always hoped that people around the world would find the content useful. It’s always been our intention to offer practical presentation tips that can help non-native English speakers give good presentations. We knew how important a good presentation can be to you, so we’re always so happy when we receive messages like the one here:

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Presentation tips testimonial for Carl Kwan

In case you don’t want to see the image, the person wrote:

@CarlKwan1 The advise you’ve given has truly helped me excel among my peers. You would Be happy to know I got A14 which is 2 grades higher then any of my mates. Once again thanks, Unfortunately I didn’t say that I dressed Up as Michael Jackson for Halloween (didn’t really fit in with my presentation) !! 🙂 ahaha

Anyway, I was very happy to receive this email so I just wanted to share the good news!