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You might be wondering what the big deal is over Steve Jobs and his presentations. You might be thinking, “Why is a Steve Jobs presentation so great? And why should I care?” Well, to answer why his presentations are so great, I’m going to refer to an article written by Carmine Gallo. Mr. Gallo wrote “The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs” and is a good authority on Steve Jobs. Here’s a link to the story:

Steve Jobs: The World’s Most Inspiring Communicator

But I can answer why you should care…

You should care because communication is more important than ever before. Heard of the global economy, haven’t you? We can’t stop hearing about it. The fact is that it’s true… We live in a global society and need to communicate globally. So that’s why you should care about a Steve Jobs presentation. “What?” is probably what you’re saying. Let me briefly explain.

Steve Jobs is a master at communicating information so that anybody can understand it. How? By not using big, long sentences with complicated words. By using stories and interesting visuals that are clear to understand. Nothing fancy, just plain English. That’s how.

Check out the article by Carmine Gallo and you’ll some samples of Steve Jobs presentations. See how easy it is to understand his presentations for yourself and learn from that.