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Every presentation needs to engage the audience. It’s absolutely critical if you want your presentation to be effective. And in this video, you’ll learn a presentation expression that you need more than anything else.

Actually, that was part of the expression!

A question is always a great way to engage the audience, so here is the expression in the video:

As a ________, what is the one thing that you want/need more than anything else?

Then I paused and said…

For me, it’s ______, and here are three reasons why.

You don’t need the audience to answer the question. In fact, it’s not always a good idea to ask for answers from the audience. What’s important is that you get their attention.

Your answer is what they want to hear. And hopefully, it’s interesting enough for them to want to learn more and continue paying attention.

This expression will help you start your presentation with a story related to your topic and lead into the reasons why you feel a certain way.

Remember, a presentation is only effective if your audience thinks the presentation is effective.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments.