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Have you ever listened to a presentation or lecture and become totally bored or sleepy? It’s happened to me many times. The main reason is that the speaker never got me interested in what he or she was talking about.


If your audience is bored or sleepy your presentation isn’t very effective, is it? A memorable, effective presentation connects the speaker and the audience.

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This is important because it will give your audience confidence in you and your abilities, especially if your presentation is for business.

So what can you do?

You do exactly what I just did. You ask a question. The key thing is to use a “wh” or “how” question because they make people think about an answer. This creates interest because the audience wants to know what the answer is.

They will pay attention to find out if they are right or wrong. So what are some questions?

Two great questions to use

What’s the first thing you think about when you hear the word(s) ___?

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you see this?

I like them because I always use a simple picture or single word in my presentations. It’s easy to get the audience to focus if they must listen rather than read or try to understand some complicated image or chart or whatever.

How do you use the questions?

  1. Show the slide with the word or picture.
  2. Pause 3-5 seconds, then ask your question.
  3. Wait and look around at the audience for an answer.
  4. If they give the right answer, then say, “Good” or something similar and continue talking. If it’s the wrong answer…
  5. Wait about 10 seconds then give the answer.

Easy, right? So now you need to act.


  1. Create a presentation, then:
  2. Find a word that describes your topic or main point(s).
  3. Or find a picture that describes your topic or main point(s).
  4. Then use the appropriate question, get their interest, and have a memorable, effective presentation.

Then leave us a comment or feedback about this tip and let us know us what you think.