Select Page has always been about helping your improve your presentation skills. And the only reason this site even exists is because of your continued support. There are now over 20,000 people visiting each month from all over the world, and I want to do something to help you improve your presentation skills even further.

Meet Alex Lyon, Ph.D.

Alex and I met online through him watching and commenting on my YouTube videos. The great thing is that Alex has also been producing his own presentation skills videos.

Alex is a communications coach and is a tenured associate professor in the Communication Department at The College at Brockport (SUNY). He has a deep passion for helping people succeed, especially when it comes to presentation skills.

A Natural Fit

Since I wanted to add more content to help you, it seemed like a natural fit to include Alex’s work here on the site. So starting this week, there will be a video from Alex to help you improve your presentation skills.

I’m Not Going Anywhere

Just in case you think I’m adding Alex as a way to remove myself from the site… NO. I’m still going to be posting my weekly videos. I just want to make this site better and better and to offer more valuable content.

Anyway, thank you for your continued support and be sure to check out Alex’s posts, which will come out every Wednesday. Also be sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel.