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If you have a group presentation coming up for either school or work, then you’re going to want to check out the tips in this video.

Group presentations, especially for college, are a great time to practice your presentation skills and working with others. But all too often, people tend to dread group presentations and don’t take the practice as seriously as they should.

Not practicing properly can lead to a negative team environment, a poorly delivered presentation and the mindset that team presentations are as welcome as an emergency root canal on your birthday. Not good.

So the presentation skills video this week covers how to practice for a group presentation, along with some tips for how to stand and what to do when you are waiting to present your part of the presentation.

Group presentations are a great opportunity to demonstrate teamwork, leadership and professionalism. Don’t mess it up by not preparing and practicing in the right way.

How do you feel about group presentations? What are some good or bad experiences you’ve had?

Thanks and good luck.