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The body of a presentation consists of main points. The way you select and arrange those main points is more of an art than a science.

I’ll assume your presentation uses three main points as I explain the options and go into more depth on what we call the “topical” approach to ordering main points. This is the approach you would use when the most common options don’t fit your topic.

First, the most common approach is chronological. This is where you use time as the main variable. Most “how to” presentation lead listeners through clear steps (e.g., First, second, third). You could also use before, during, and after or past, present, and future. Time is the central variable in all of these options.

Another option is using direction or location to pick your main points. This approach is called “spacial.” For example, I’ve lived in the east, west, and south in my country. That is, each of those three locations or spaces might make good main points for a presentation about my life.

In addition to a few other options, the video digs deeper in the topical approach where you divide your subject into its natural sub-topics. The video shows several examples to illustrate what this would look like.