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In 5 minutes and 49 seconds, you’ll see a video in which I’m going to show you a business skills presentation sample for when you don’t know the answer to a question. Dealing with questions from clients and prospects is an important skill everyone should learn. So, I’m going to talk to you about some simple ways to deal with questions you can’t answer during that all important sales or business presentation.


Well, imagine getting a question during an important business or sales presentation and you can’t answer the question. Think about how your client or prospect is going to feel when you’re up there humming and hawing away, feeling your face getting redder and redder. They’re not going to have much confidence in you, your so-called sales or business presentation or your product or service, which is really bad, of course. People tend to buy from people they feel comfortable with, so if you look and feel uncomfortable during your presentation, they’re going to pick that up, both consciously and unconsciously. And questions from prospects or clients are often objections and you’re not going to motivate your client or prospect to take action if you don’t overcome their objections.

So, how do we best deal with questions during a presentation? There are many techniques, but I think it’s important to use something simple because it’ll be easier to remember and it’ll be something you can use confidently. That confidence will come through when you deal with questions you can’t answer, which means your client or prospect will still believe in you and your sales or business presentation. So, let’s move onto exactly what to do.

Please watch the following video and do the practice I will tell you about. If English is your second language, then please watch the video as many times as possible to improve your listening skills and your presentation skills at the same time.

Thank you.