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In this video you will learn about how to overcome your fear of giving a presentation. Overcoming the fear of giving a presentation or public speaking is probably the number one question I get asked. To be honest, I get asked a lot a very common presentations related questions. And I think I always say that each one is the biggest. Anyway, how to get over the fear of presenting is one of the top questions, if not the top, then it’s definitely in the top three.

So what you will learn is how to approach a presentation. Actually, you’ll learn why fear is not such a bad thing, and you’ll learn a secret that almost every presenter experiences, no matter how experienced, calm or confident they may seem… And the secret is that everyone gets nervous!


Why being nervous before a presentation is a good thing

If you are overly calm before you give a presentation, it could mean that you are not passionate about the presentation, or that you don’t care about the presentation. At the very least, being to come could negatively impact your presentation because your energy level is too low.

And it’s what you do that matters

So being nervous is not a bad thing, as I mentioned. So the key to overcoming your fear of giving a presentation, is approaching the presentation with a different mindset. Instead of looking at a presentation as a chance to feel or look bad, I want you to look at giving a presentation as a great opportunity to show people who you are and what you are capable of.

You can make an impact

When you are given the chance to give a presentation, you have the chance to make an impact on other peoples lives, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant that impact might be. You never know how a single phrase, or comment, or sentence could resonate with someone.

For example, I still remember the words of one of my classmates from way back in high school, who mentioned that I should take a chance and do something fun with mywriting and presenting. And that one little comment has inspired me and motivated me for over 25 years.

You can do it
So don’t take for granted the opportunity you have when you give a presentation. It’s a lot better way to look at the presentation instead of looking at it with nervousness and fear.
Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any questions or comments. And if you need help with preparing for a presentation, please get in touch with me.
Thank you.