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Holy crap, it’s a presentation tips video!! It has been a long time since I made a video showing people how to give a good presentation… Well, there’s no time like the present. This video deals with how to overcome fear when giving a presentation, which is probably one of the most common questions or concerns that people have.


Fear is natural. It is not a bad thing. That being said, I don’t know what kind of past experiences you have had, so if my tips for overcoming fear when giving a presentation are overly simple for you, hopefully, you can find comfort knowing that you’re not alone and that you can overcome your fears. Good luck.

Fear is good

As I just said, fear is natural and it’s also good. Why??

Because fear is your body’s natural defence reflex to unknown, potentially dangerous situations. Fear gets your adrenaline going, it makes you more alert, but it also causes nerves and brings up all sorts of uncomfortable feelings for many people. But that just means you’re normal.

And fear can be overcome. It’s not always simple, but I hope my tips offer a step in the right direction.

Ok, here are my 5 Quick Tips to Overcome the Fear of Giving a Presentation

  1. Know your audience. Not knowing your audience and what they want causes fear because you won’t be sure if your presentation content is appropriate or not.
  2. Be prepared. Start preparing as soon as you find out you have to give a presentation. Fear comes from lack of preparation.
  3. Practice. Give yourself plenty of time to practice your presentation until you’re comfortable with the material. If you feel uneasy, it’s likely because the presentation doesn’t sound natural or it isn’t focused on your audience. Fear can be greater when you haven’t had enough time to practice, but fear can be greatly reduced when you know the material.
  4. Is the fear rational. This is the big one. Most people are afraid to give a presentation for totally irrational reasons. Of course, some people have deep rooted fears from childhood or other events. But fear of giving a presentation is like being afraid of the dark. It’s pretty irrational since a dark place is exactly the same as when there’s light, but you’re afraid because you can’t see and your mind starts to make things up. Kinda like fear of public speaking. So decide if your fear is rational or not.
  5. Learn. Give your presentation and get feedback. If you can video your presentation, great! Watch and learn. Improve. Present again. The repeat this process every single time.

Hope that helps. Let me know what you’re afraid of when it comes to giving a presentation.