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In this week’s tip, you’ll learn the importance of discussing benefits in a technical presentation and how to do that. This can also apply when you have to present a lot of data, such as for a research presentation or academic presentation.

Presenting technical data or information is very common for many people. This can be sales figures, research results, product specifications, etc. Not always the most exciting, but often times the most challenging.


Because that type of information and data can be very dull and boring. Think about it. Unless you’re directly affected by that particular information, you’ll likely get bored pretty quick. And the challenge for you as a presenter is to make that information interesting and memorable to the audience.

How do you do that?

The simplest and most reliable way is to always talk about the benefits of your features. You can introduce a feature, but you should immediately explain how the audience benefits. The thing you have to remember is to show benefits that directly relate to the audience. You will most likely have to adjust your presentation to suit the audience.

Also, when explaining benefits, you have to use language that is easily understood. For more about that, check out the video from this week’s Featured Pro, Scott Schwertly of Ethos3.

Learning to present technical information is important because the big mistake many people make is just showing all the data, thinking the audience will easily understand and remember everything. Sadly, this just isn’t the case. Even if you are presenting to people with knowledge of your topic, you might not create a very strong or memorable impression if you just show them the data.

To really stand out needs a different approach… As with all things in life.

Check out the video to learn more…