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Last week I got a project from S. Korea’s Educational Broadcasting System (EBS) to develop a course for new native English teachers in S. Korea. This is for public schools and was requested by the S. Korean government.

I am responsible for developing 15 lessons and I will be videotaped teaching the course. New native English teachers will take the course online as part of their initial training.

Why is this important for you?

I’m going to create 15, 30 minute presentations and I thought it’d be great to talk about and you show how I’m going to do this. You’ll get to follow along, or look over my shoulder, as I create each presentation. It’ll be like a diary or journal of the process.

But to be honest, I’ve never tried to demonstrate this in this way before. So, I’m sure I’ll mess things up more than once. But I really think it’d be a great way for you to see how a presentation is created from start to finish.

Ok, now what?

Just check back here at the site and you should see something with EBS in the title. If you’re a member of our site, you’ll get updates automatically.

I’ll put out the first one as soon as I can. Wish me luck.